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Availability: In stock


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Enter into the world of computers.
Understand binary codes
How computer decodes different type of data into different forms
Retrieve data and surprise your friends, fill your activity sheet
Provided with LED, CD print, base and motor with easy assembly instruction.

Age 12 and Above


CDs are made from an original "master" disc. The master is "burned" with a laser beam that etches bumps (called pits) into its surface. A bump represents the number zero, so every time the laser burns a bump into the disc, a zero is stored there. The lack of a bump (which is a flat, unburned area on the disc, called a land) represents the number one. Thus, the laser can store all the information sampled from the original track of music by burning some areas (to represent zeros) and leaving other areas unburned (to represent ones). Although you can't see it, the disc holds this information in a tight, continuous spiral of about 3-5 billion pits.

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